1860 Censuses of Southwest Virginia
Welcome to my site on censuses of Southwest Virginia. Here are transcriptions of original censuses for Russell County Virginia, and surrounding counties.

Russell County, Virginia 1860 Census

Buchanan County, Virginia 1860 Census

Wise County, Virginia 1860 Census

Wise County was formed from Russell County in 1855 and Buchanan County in 1858. Later, in 1880, Dickenson County was formed from parts of Wise and Buchanan Counties.

I have followed a similar set of rules when transcribing these censuses. I have re-arranged the name field into a last name, first name format, which makes the censuses easier to read and was necessary for my research. I have also changed the method for indicating "married in the last year", "attended school in the last year", and "illiterate" fields, which were just slashed in columns in the original censuses.

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