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This is househould number 424 Michael Kelley.  It gives a pretty good idea of the handwriting of Isaac Vermillion, the enumerator of the 1860 census(and also the 1850 and 1870 censuses, I think).  The vertical lines between the Michael and the Kelley are a result of the microfilm copier I was using.
   This also gives an idea of some of the transcribing problems I ran into - notice the age of Sydney, 34, is hard to read as is the name Nancy(unless of course, you already know that it is Nancy.)
I will be adding more scans as I come across interesting aspects of the census;  handwriting, spelling, mistakes, and anything else that I find interesting will find their way to this page.  Stay tuned,

  Michael Kelley    42     m
Sydney                 34     f
Nancy                  13     f
Rebecca               11     f
Joseph                    9     m
Eva                         7     f