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Gilmer Letters Civil War Letters of Russell County
Lexington Lafayette coun Kentucky
October the 9th
       It is with plasure I seat myself this morning to write you a few lines to inform you that me & Cummings are well hopeing when this comes to hand it will find you all in the same state of health. Cummings has got a very sore foot he cannot ware his shoe on it their come something like a raison on the instep of his foot he gets to wride on the account of it we travail hear day and night we marched last knight untill about twelve oclock, we have been for the last fore or five days marching day and knight we start by day light in the morning and put up about an hour by the sun and get supper then strike and again. The boys calls our brigade the foot cavalry. These Kentuckians makes me mad enough to shoot them their is always some of the stuck up in a bugy rideing backwards and forewards by us. While we are in hear with great loads travailing through the hot sun from plase to protect them and their property. While was at mt sterling passed through from cumberland gap to the ohio but while they was going through old John Morgan & Major Shawhorn killed and took a great many of them General Martials brigad wen back as fare as Owings Ville. Whe he did not go on I cannot tell after. Morgan and Showhorn had left the yankees and started back Shawhorn was shot dead by bushwhacker their was seven or eigh men along before with showhorn they tryed to catch the bushwacker but he escaped. Our men and the yankees had a figh in about a leven miles of us whe heard the cannons fireing. It is reported that our men killed and took very near all of them I been looking every day or too to get into it buy have never fired a gun yet but we have done our share of travailing on these acatemised rodes One of hour boys got a letter this morning he said his father wrote that very near all of the hogs had died in russell with the colery. The most and the bigest hogs I ever seen they have them down hear & mules any amount of them. This is a tolerable large town every thing in it that a person wants, shugar coffee & soda shoes, boots & every thing else but us privates cannot get out our our encampment to get anything I have never heard from you only by old Jacob fulkerson since you left. I would like to get a letter Mr fulkerson said he though you had got a letter from rieves and he was well. We heard that our men have washington sittie possession I would be glad to know whether it is so or not our forces hear in kentucky are not fare apart, some at frankfort some hear. Charles M Browning sat down this morning to wright home he wrote about one hour and loked over his letter and tore it up and swore he never would try to write another letter he told me to write that he was well William A Gilmer is well he is guard to day or he would of write Sarah Cumming has a little ring he is a going to send you
no more at present but remain
your son C H Gilmer
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