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Soldiers Compiled Service Records and Biographies
Here is a single page for every Civil War soldier from Russell County, along with most of the biographial and military information from my database. Also included is the complete Compiled Service Record for the soldier.

The HTML pages have been created automatically from a copy of my data; therefore there may be a few oddities among the pages. I'm always refining the database, so I expect to regenerate and upload the HTML pages regularly. There are over 10,000 cards which appear for these Russell County soldiers.

Briefly, the Compiled Service Records were created in the early 1900s by extracting relevant information from various war time rosters, hospital rolls, casualty rolls, etc. In some cases, when an original document was specific to a soldier, like a re-enlistment paper, the original document was put into that soldiers Service folder. The rest of the information appears on preprinted cards.

I have put my editorial information on the cards in brackets ([]). Anything that appears in brackets is my opinion, or ellipses to indicate unreadable data.

Note that I do not consider service in the 72nd Regiment Virginia Militia to be sufficient to consider that person a Confederate soldier. Service in the militia pre-dates the War and was mandatory. In addition, the 72nd was only mustered in for roughly 10 days in 1861. While many of the men who served in the 72nd went on to enlist in regular Confederate units, some did not, and some enlisted in the Union Army. Therefore, soldiers whose only record of service is for the 72nd will not appear on this site.

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This is a list of units that recruited in Russell County.

2nd Virginia State Line
16th Virginia Cavalry
21st Virginia Cavalry
22nd Virginia Cavalry
29th Virginia Infantry
34th Virginia Cavalry
37th Virginia Cavalry
37th Virginia Infantry
48th Virginia Infantry

The below units had fewer Russell Countians serving, although some of the below units became part of the above units.

3rd Kentucky Infantry
Caldwell's Battalion Cavalry
6th Battalion Confederate Cavalry (13th Reserves)
7th Battalion Confederate Cavalry
McFarlane's Cavalry
King's Artillery Battery
Nottaway Light Artillery
4th Virginia Reserves
10th Kentucky Infantry (Diamond's)
50th Virginia Infantry
Ferguson's Battalion
64th Virginia Cavalry
51st Virginia Infantry
5th Kentucky Cavalry
Lightfoot's Artillery Battalion
45th Virginia Infantry
7th Kentucky Battalion
30th Virginia Infantry
27th Battalion Cavalry
Baldwin's Squadron
Jackson's Kanawha Light Arty
21st Infantry Battalion
Sawyer's Artillery Battery
23rd Battalion Infantry
4th Kentucky Cavalry
3rd Battalion Kentucky Mounted Infantry
Showman's KY Cavalry
5th Partisan Texas Regiment
9th Texas Infantry
Levi's/Barr's Light Artillery
27th Kentucky Infantry
Note that some of these units only had one or two Russell County soldiers, and some probably had none. The list is compiled from service records and pension records, which were created 50 years or more after the War and often contain inaccuracies. Also, some of the above units (Caldwell's, McFarlane's, Baldwin's) later became other units listed.

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