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Civil War Letters of Russell County
This section contains a large collection of Civil War letters that are to and from Russell County soldiers and their families. The letters offer a good insight into life during wartime, both at the front and at home.

For an index to the personal names found in these letters (I think it's fairly complete), please visit Index.

For a chronological list of all letters, see Chronological Index.

Barrett Letters - nine letters from James H. Barrett to his mother and wife. Written in 1861 and early 1862, and September 14th, 1862, just three days before he was killed in action at the Battle of Sharpsburg. Also one letter from Robert M. Barrett to his mother.

Blackwell letter. William Blackwell served in the 37th Virginia Infantry. This letter is from July 28th, 1862.

Combs Letters - one letter from William C. Combs to his wife, Celina Wesley Combs; one from his wife; and one from Augustus McFarlane to William C. Combs. Letters cover late 1861 and early 1862.

Ferrell, Howard letter. Letter signed by Elijah Ferrell, Hiram Howard, and William H. Howard. Dated July 31, 1861, the letter describes the retreat from Laurel Hill.

Fletcher letters. Lorenzo Dow Fletcher served in the 22nd Virginia Cavalry. Also one letter signed by Cummings Fletcher and George R. Cowan of the 37th Virginia Infantry. Letters cover being sick at Emory and Henry Hospital, the 1864 invasion of Maryland and the rout at Moorfield.

Fuller letter. Samuel Pierce Fuller served in the 29th Virginia Infantry. This Valentine poem was written in early 1863 or 1864.

Gilmer Letters - Transcriptions of over 100 letters to and from the Gilmer family. Included are letters describing the Gettysburg Campaign and several letters from Fort Delaware prison camp. For the complete list of letters, with links to transcriptions and scans of the letters, visit here.

Kelly Letters - seven letters from Charles Kelly to his wife and brother. Kelly discusses camp life in 1863 and news of Gettysburg. Kelly died at the Second Battle of Winchester and is buried in Stonewall Cemetery in Winchester.

Martin Letters - letters from Harvey W. Martin to his brother, John Wesley Martin. Letters discuss camp life in the 29th Virginia Infantry during the War.

McFarlane Letters - two letters from Samuel McFarlane to his parents. Written in December 1861 and June 1863. Apparently McFarlane died at Gettysburg.

Price Letter - Charles Bowen Price, to the Richmond Dispatch, March 16, 1902, listing comrades in the 37th Virginia Infantry.

Reynolds Letters - Twenty two Civil War Letters written by Isaac Vermillion Reynolds to his wife Sarah Jane. Selected letters detail the Gettysburg Campaign and the Moorfield Races. Also one letter from Isaac's brother Barnard H. Reynolds to Isaac.

Vermillion Letter - a letter from B. F. Vermillion to his wife. Written on September 26th, 1862, it details the battle of Antietam and Vermillion's business instructions to his wife.

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