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Gilmer Letters Civil War Letters of Russell County
Bland County november the 26th 1862
Dear Sister
       I received your kind letter the 23 I was proud to hear that you all was as well as common you said Pa was complaining some I am in hope he is well by this time. Cummings and myself are well and hope when these few lines comes to hand they will find you all in good health. We have taken up winter quarters hear If we dont have to go to richmond. I got a letter from rieves the day befor yestarday it was dated the 12th he said he was well with the exception of a bad cold. he said they was stationed fore miles from Winchester he wrote he did not expect to stay their long for he heard cannon every day I expect he has been in a fight before now I answerd his letter yestarday I wrote to him to write boack as soon as he go it so I would know whither he was in any fight or not. we have nothing much to do now we dont drill any. yestarday was a very cool disagreeable day, but to day is a very cam pleasant day. some of the boys are building chimneys to their tents. we sleep very warm in hour without any fire. the chimneys are a goodeal in the way I don know whither we will build one or not I just com in from a dear hunting me Vince Jessee & George Williams went out togather Vince & George saw one but diden get to shoot at it Cummings is out now Their is a good many deer hear but they are too smart for the boys they shoot at them but never kill any. I expect we weill draw our money in a few days some of the companies have been paid off. The quarter master hadent money enought to pay us all, you said for me to write whether Cummings had got him any boots or not he hasent got any nor their isent any chance for him to get any hear. Their isent any shop hear makeing boot for sale. If you can you had better get him a pair maid and sent to him. If you had them maid I expect you could sesnd them by old William Cumbo he comes to see his son about every month Tell sarah to write I answered hers & virginias letter together Tell them to write all the news how all the young women are getting along by their selves, I was sorry to hear of my cousin dying with the diptheira It is a very bad complaint among children. I am in hopes it will never to to our house. Tell Pa to write how he is a getting along whether he hot all of his corn up or not & how Gim & bate is getting along halling wood I reckon creed is a great deal of advantage to Pa Tell cred to write to me Tell George Williams to write to me and give me the discription of kentucky. Tell him to write whither he crossed clinch river or no If he did he supprised me very much. no more at present
your Brother C. H. Gilmer
to M J Gilmer
Charles M. Browning is tolerable well
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