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Gilmer Letters Civil War Letters of Russell County
Camp near Petersburg Feb the 10th 1863
Dear sister
         I received your kind letter yestarday I was sorry to hear that Rieves was very unwell Cummings and myself are very well at present and do sincerely hope when these few lines comes to hand they will find you all well, you said in your letter to Cummings that you was looking for a letter from me I wrote one letter since that one in Cummings likeness. I expect you have got it by this time. I was agoing to send it by John Campbell but he couldent get off. Their has been too too or three very pretty days The birds are singing about it puts me in mind of spring but I expect their will be several cold days yet Our Regiment is agoing to move about 1/4 of a mile from where we are to a new campground on account of this plase being so wet and swampy when it rains of a wet time we can heardly find a plase to build a fire to cook our victuals, their has been right smart wet weather hear and some tolerable cool but not half as cool as I have seen in Russell I would like to be at home to see Rieves, I feel very sorry for him he has been from home so long and when he got their was taken sick so that he couldent enjoy himself what few free days he had, I wouldent blame him to take 20 days after he gets well, I dont think old Jackson would grumble at all Some of the companies are strikeing their tents now to move If we was called on to march we would have a great many many clothes to throw away I have more than I can put in my napsack I have three pair of pance too coats and a wescoat fore shirts three pair of drawers & fore or five pair of socks. If I cant send some of them home I will have to throw some of them away. Cummings says he wants to write some I will have to bring my letter to a close write soon and let me know how rieves is getting you can write once a week any how while rieves is at home so nothing more your affectionate Brother.
Martha J Gilmer C.H.Gilmer

Dear sister I take the opper tunity this morning to wite you a few lines to I hav noting importan to write this morning I hurd that yo got my likeness yo say that a man aught not to hav hi likenss taken with out his neck tye I would of had myne on but I went off and for got it marthey I waunt you to tell rieves howdy tell rieves that I would like to see him to hear what he would hav to say abought this warefair so no more at presant marthey J Gilmer Cummings Gilme

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