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Gilmer Letters Civil War Letters of Russell County
Camp near Petersburg Feb the 26 1863
Dear sister
         I received your kind letter yestarday I was glad to hear you was all well but Rieves and he was on the mend. Cummings and myself are well hopeing when these few lines comes to hand they will find you all well me and Cummings dont stay to gather now our Capt Lieutenat Fuller and twenty sixe of our boys stays in Petersburg They was sent their to guard the cars when they leave the town to keep any person from getting on without a pass. The rest of us are in about three miles of the town. Creed Thom and seven other of our boys come in this morning Creed brought that sugar and them half soles you said you would send to us, the sugar you may guess was very exceptable I think we will have enough to sweeten our took once more Creed said James brought it up to his house tell Jim I will speak a good word to his girl for him when I com home for that, Creed is as lively & as full of mischief as he ever was. I reckon the conscripts and the soldiers that are at home without furlows are getting tolerable wild they either have to take a cave or come to the army it is a very good thing that they are routing them out from home that have been home so long. Creed said the cavalry had been at our house and took another load of corn I dont like to hear that for I know you will have a heard time of getting in another crop but I am in hopes this war will not last much longer then perhaps we can make out the ballance of our days without suffering for something to eat. Tell Rieves that I would of answered his letter long ago if I had of had any news that would of interested him tell Rieves that I want him to stay at home till he gets perfectly well and well rested it is no matter if you don get back at the propper time I would like to see Rieves before he goes back Their is some talk in camp that we will leave hear but I dont heardly think we will for their is no other troops hear to guard petersburg as I havent any news of importance to write I will bring my letter to a close tell all of the little boys & Allis howdy their is so many of them I shant undertake to mention their names so nothing more
Your affectionate brother
to M J Gilmer C H Gilmer

I expect Cummings will write and perhaps you will get too letters at once

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