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Gilmer Letters Civil War Letters of Russell County
Camp near Petersburg March the 21 the 1863

I once more seat myself to to write you a few lines to inform you that me & Cummings are well. Hopeing when these few lines comes to had they will find you all well. I received your letter the other day I was glad to heard you was all well and sorrow to hear that the water had injured our dam. The weather hear is very cold and disagreeable the snow hear is very near knee deep, we have a right funny time hovering around our little fire plases, but it wont be long till we will have warm weather then I expect it will be too warm for us down hear. I was in hopes we would come back to that part of the country but such hopes has nearly left me. We was ordered back their but dident get to come. Col More was at home and our Lietenant Col Giles dident want to go back he worked around till he got us fastened hear, the hole Regiment wanted to go all but Giles The boys are mad enough at him to cut his throat and it wouldent supprise me if some of them dont get his dog hide if we have to stay here. We may come yet but I dont think their is much chance Their isent much sickness hear thgough their is three of our boys in the Hospital I have had my health tolerable well since we came hear your connections hear is all well, Sarah you said in Cum letter you wanted to know what I had quit writing for. I think I have answered all the letters you wrote to me now I want to know the reason for your not writing I know you have plenty time you must be a studying about some of the old conscripts that has been drug out from their homes that is too courdly to defend their own homes they are more like an Ostrich than a man if they was to see a yankee they would run and sick their head in some bushy plase to hide it. I am just writing this for sport their are some as good fighters amount the conscripts as any where else Rieves I reckon you think I aint a going to say any thing to you the reason I dont write more to you you know our mode of liveing as well as I could tell you Rieves I reckon you are going as well know as you have been for some time if I was you I wouldent hurry back for it isent a very pleasant plase so nothing more your brother to M J Gilmer C H. Gilmer
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