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Gilmer Letters Civil War Letters of Russell County
Camp Ironstation southhampton conty March the 30th 1863

Dear Pa
As we have moved I thought I would write you a few lines to let you know where we are, we are too miles below Ironstation. Ironstation is as fare as the cars runs on the Norfolk rode the rode is all tore up this side of the station we are getting in the neighborhood of the yankees but I dont see any signs of an attact we got hear yestarday. we was fore days on the rode and the worst rode to travail I ever saw their is a swamp in ever too or three miles. when it rains the earth hear is just like a frog pon, we can dig a little hole hear any wher and it will raise full of water. Their is a great deal of dissatisfaction hear among both officers and privates. Our old Col More has resigned but some says he is doing it in order to get his men back to the northwest They think before the war department will except of his resignation they will let us go back. As to my opinion we will stay hear, for if the war department is any account they will keep us where they want us though I would be very glad to get back Cummings and myself are well at present and hope when these few lines come to hand they will find you all in the same state of health, I am a looking for a letter from Marth every day I havent heard from home in a long time. Our Regiment is attached to Gen. Coarses brigade in Pickets division Longstreets corpse, Our Regiment is much larger than the other regiments hear they think we havent been in the service very long. I wouldent be supprised if we stayed down hear twelve months if we dident have a small regiment. I have a bad opinion of this part of the country it is so low and wet that I dont think a frog could live hear twelve months without takeing some low ground disease. I am just writing to let you know where we are and and that I am well Creed F. Thompson is well also Charles M browning is well he is he is writing a letter now I beleave Tell Rieves we have left Petersburg we are not doing quite as well hear as we was their and if our officers dont all get skeered and leave us we will have to try the yankees before we leave hear so nothing more at present but write soon your son
to Pa & Ma C H Gilmer

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