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Gilmer Letters Civil War Letters of Russell County
Camp near Hanover Junction May the 26th 1863
Dear Uncle
       It is with pleasure I seat myself this eavening to drop you a few lines to inform you that I am well & do sincerly hope when these few lines comes to hand they will find you in good health
We have moved since you left us we are now camped in too miles of Hanover Junction, we drill now every day they give us [...] drilling these hot days, we are camped in a very good plase and have the very best of water to drink. I havent any news to write to you this time more than the boys are generaly well we are in about 40 miles of frederigsburg William Fuller is hear now he is a going to start back to his Regiment tomarow Cumings is a trying to get to go with Will to see Reives Will said Rieves wanted to come with him but he couldent get a pass. I want you to write to me and let me know how you are getting catching diserters. I expect you are striding about something else besides diserters I would say you was paying more attention to the girls than you are to the diserters I heard today that Eli Hubbert killed one of Capt Mcfarlins men the other day you must be careful and not let any of them get your skelp. I also heard that that their was a weding in the corner the other day. that is good news. I am glad to hear that girls can find some men in Russell yet that they think enough of to choose them for Husband. Charles you musent let the girls pursuade to marry before you get back.
Charles tell granpa that Cummings & myself are well and that we havent forgotten him I ought to of written him a letter before but I have neglected it I intend to write to him & Granma before long if we stay hear tell Aunt cat she must write to me I would like to hear from her once more. If I was to undertake to write to all of my connection I wouldent do any thing else but write. Charles I would suppose it was much satisfaction to be at home on the business you are though you can get to see all your folks & get something good to eat while you are their. I hope you enjoy your trip well for it my be the last time you ever apriset sweet of Russell but we all have that risk to run. We have had a little revival in in our Regiment since we come to this camp. We have had meeting every knight now for several knights they have several mourners some have joined the church & I think their has been some professed religion, but I dont think their is many in our company takes any part in the meeting. I like to see other people doing well if I dont do so well myself I have no news of importance to write I will bring my badly written letter to a close. Tell Uncle Elihu Virmilion that I wish him much joy nothing more at present but give love & best respects to all the pretty girls
Your affectionate Nephew
Charles H. Gilmer
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