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Gilmer Letters Civil War Letters of Russell County
Camp near Taylorsville Hanover County June the 21th 1863
Dear Parents
       It is with great pleasure I seat myself this sabbath eavening to inform you that Cummings & myself are well, hopeing when these lines comes to hand they will find you all in good health I have been looking for a letter now for the last week but none has come yet. we have been on a very heard march since I wrote you you last. we was ordered to Culpepper Court House we marched too very heard days march, then we was ordered back to this plase we had to come back in too days. we travailed about 90 miles in fore days we was left hear to guard some railroad bridges to keep them from getting distroyed. I am very well satisfyed to stay hear for I dont like to march this warm weather. When we started to Culpepper our sick boys went their on the cars. they say the old 37th Regiment passed by their the day befor they got their.
I expect they aim to go into Mariland. I see from the papers Ewell had great success at Winchester. I havent heard from Rieves but once since he came back. I reckon comes natural to him for he has been at it now for too years. I hope he will have as good luck the too years as he had the first too. The weather has been very dry until the last week we had a very nice rain and it is thundering now and looks very much like rain The people down hear have been harvesting some next week will be the highth of harvest hear oats will be no account at all hear corn looks small and of a bad color I dont think their will be much corn raised hear this year wheat crops are just as good hear as they can bee. It is now raining so heard that I will have to bring my few lines to a close I want some of you to write as soon as you get this and let me know how you all are & when you heard from Rieves & how small grain looks & whether you have a good season or not so nothing more at present
your affectionate sons
to Pa & PMa C.H. C Gilmer
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