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Gilmer Letters Civil War Letters of Russell County
Camp at or near Gorgensville Orange Co Va June the 28th 1863
Dear Ma
       As Cumings has just finished writing to Martha I will drop you few lines to inform you that we are both well. We came to this plase the day before yestarday. we was guarding a bridge near Hanover junction their was some Northcarolinians come their in our plase. It is reported the yankee cavalry come in their and whiped our men & burnt one of the bridges and took some prisoners. I havent heard the partculars of it so I will not say much about it for fear it is not so. Their is a great deal of comissary stores at this plase. I think that is the reason we was sent hear we have orders to be ready to move at any minuets warning. The yankee cavalry are radeing about in part of the country to draw Lees forces out of Mariland I havent heard from Rieves but once since he came back only by Marthas letter to Cummings. I expect he is in or close Mariland. I dont know where we will go from hear to but I think we will go to Richmond. Martha said in her letter to cummings that that she had written me a letter a few days before she wrote Cums. I have never seen nor heard tell of it. Ma it is raining today & my paper is so damp that I cant write to do any good. If we dont move about too much I will write again before long.
Ma the reason I write this to you I see in most all of Marthas letters some word from you. I heard just now that had to leave hear this eavening at six oclock not knowing where we will go to so nothing more
your son, C. H. Gilmer
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