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Gilmer Letters Civil War Letters of Russell County
Cedargrove Russell Co Va
Oct 18th 1864
Wel Hase I have been looking for a chance to write to you for some time it is not because I work so much but it seems that when I lay off to write I have some thing else to do but that is no excuse. I ought not neglect writing to ones that is far a way who has to under go the hardships of this cruel war.
Hase I am just beginning to find out what it is to have kind brothers. Hase you & Cummings must write and let us no whether you want any clothing or not and if you do we will sen youns any thing you want if we get the chance. If you want any thing you must try and get a furlough you & cummings & come home pa has lether to make you & cummings boots but al the detailed men is ordered to Richmond and it is uncertain whether he can get them made or not and if yhou could get to come home you maby could get them made
Unkle Vincent is one of the detailed men I reckon he wil half to go Charles M Browning is on the mend but he hasent the use of his leg yet. Tom King got home from fort delaware he said that Rieves was well but I am a fraid they will keep him there until they kill him. Hase we are not done seeding yet but we wil get done in a few days. Pa has sown al of his grain him self this is to you both
Write soon
Write soon
S. G.
look over my bad writing for this time
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