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Gilmer Letters Civil War Letters of Russell County
Camp near greenbrier river oct 13th/61
Dear Pa
      I received your kind letter the other day and was glad to hear that you all was well but Hayes and he was on the mend and I hope he is agoing about by this time I have binn unwell myself for better than two weeks but I have never bin past going and I am know about well I was glad to hear that you was geting along so well seeding as you was you said that Cummings was plowing with turk & tom I would like to be there with him plowing Jack & Rock but I am hear and you are their Cummings may may plow and I will fight the yankees but I hope I will see you all in the Spring. Our time will be out in the last of may we are still hear four or five miles from greenbrier river last knight was a very cold knight we have had frost out here the trees will soon be stript out hear our pay master has come at last we will get forty dollers this payment our Company gets their pay this eavning Pa I have no news to write to you for we are out hear where we cannot get any news I got one pay ment today it was $40.00 cts If I had any chance I would send $20.00 of it home you all mus not expect many letters from me while we are out hear for I have started letters to you all that you have not got. You all must not be uneasy about me if you dont get any letters from me for I have a bad chance to write while we are out hear write to me and lette me know how hayes is getting if we move from hear I will write as soon as we get stationed but we may stay hear untill we go into winter quarters. direct your letters as before and I will get them. I started a letter to martha the other day. You must excuse bad writing for my pen is bad and my ink is worse. I dont know whether you can read it or knot but read it if you can. As the wind is blowing and it is disagreeable I will bring my letter to a close so no more at present but remain your affectionate son
William R Gilmer
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