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Gilmer Letters Civil War Letters of Russell County
Camp bartow Pocahuntas co Va Oct 22th/61
Dear brother & sister
      I received your kind letters yesterday eavning and red them with much pleasure I was truly glad to learn that Hayes was able to write. I am tolalery well this morning the doctor said that I had a slite attack of the feever but I feel as well as ever except the the head ache. I am very harty I can eat as much beef as any of the boys I have got so that I like beef better than bacon it is getting cool hear and beef is getting good. The boys hear are all cutting up some gambling som fighting some one thing and some another Since we drawed our money the boys are gambling right ahead. About ten of our sick boys come up yesterday David Cowan has got up with us but they are agoing to send him back to Staunton There is a great deal said about where we will winter some think we will winter in here and some think we will go to Staunton. Some one place and some another. I dont think we will winter in these mountains but we cant tell where we will winter when we get into winter quarters we will know and not before but I hope we will not have to winter in these mountains. Tell Cummings that I want him to ride my filly this winter and to not let her ride him like he did once before out there by the barn and if he cant ride her let hayes try her and if Hayes cant ride her just let her run till Harry comes home and he will show you fun. I am jus talking Cum I know you can ride her Hayes I am glad to learn that you able to write and I am glad hear of pa selling his cattle and to hear of you getting along so well seeding Tell James to not let the plow kick him over the fence. Tell Axley to save me some chestnuts. Tell all of the little ones howdy for me. Tell Peggy & marian howdy for me. I have almost forgotten some of the little ones but I believe I can call all of their names. As I have no news to write I will quit your affectionate W. R. Gilmer
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