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Gilmer Letters Civil War Letters of Russell County
Winchester Va February 17th 1862
Dear Pa & Ma
I seet myself once more to let you know that I am well with the exception of a cold and I hope these few lines will find you and find you in good health. David got back yesterday and I got my shirt socks and towel[?]
Pa our horse coumpany failed and I dont know whether to reinlist or not but if I dont I am subject to draft at the end of my time and if I am drafted I could be drafted for too years and if I reinlist I have to inlist for two years and I dont know what to do I want you to write to me and tell me what you think best for me two years to [...] time [...] the war. Pa you have [...] the law before know it is in the papers. We are under marching orders we start tomorrow but I dont know where we will go I expect we will go to manassas I want you to write to me I havent had a letter for two weeks this is three letters I have written since I got one from home. I have been looking for a letter know for better than a week and have not got it yet, but I reckin you thought as david was cumming you would not write. Pa I want you to write and let me know your views on the subject of reinlistment and give me all of the news in Russell and tell me what you think about Russell whether they will volinteer or not. Pa I havent any news to write to you I will write as soon as we get station so nothing more but remain your affectionate son Wm. R. Gilmer

Pa & Ma

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