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Gilmer Letters Civil War Letters of Russell County
Winchester Va February 7th 1862
Ma I received your kind letter dated January 29th which I read with much pleasure I also got your poetry which I read with pleasure. I am well and hope these few lines will find you all in good health. We have got back to Winchester once more but I dont expect we will stay hear long. Some think we will goto Richmond and from their to Ky but it is unsertten whear we will go. It has been more than a month since we left hear and we have been exposed verry much since we left hear. Ma you wanted to know whether I got my quilt or not I got the quilt and bolivar got his vest and handkercheifs. You said mby you would send me some shirts and socks but I expect I have as many clothes as I will need for a good while. You said Uncle Vincent was a going to start after Edmiston I don't know whether he could find his grave or not. While we was at Monetery I went to the grave yard and looked for his grave but I could not find it but if he wants to go let him go mby he can find it. Their is right smart sickness in the Regiment at this time but I dont think their is many dangerous cases in the Regiment. Their was a great many dide while we was gon our company has lost more men than anny nother Company in the Regiment but their is not many sick in our coumpy at this time. Ma our living know is wheat bread made up with cold water and sald our meet is bleu beef that you know is good. Congress wants the old volunteers to reinlist I think I will try it again though I would like to stay at home next summer to get some good milk and butter to eat and to se the farm and the green grass cattle horses and colts. James A. Gilmer said to tell his folks that he was well. Ma I would like to see you all and talk with you but I expect it will be a long time bfor I see you all but I hope their is a day a coming when we will be permitted to see each other. I would like to see all of the little ones but I belive I have forgotten some of them their is so many of them that I can hardly think of their names but I reckon I could call their names. Tell them all howdy for me. Ma I have nothing new to write to you so I will have to bring my badly ritten letter to a close so nothing more at present but remain your affectionate son William R. Gilmer

Mary Gilmer Wm R. Gilmer

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