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Gilmer Letters Civil War Letters of Russell County
March 19th 64
Camp Near Pisgah church
Dear Sister
      I received your letter of the 12th yesterday and I red its contense with a heavy heart.
I was sorry indeed to hear of maryan being sick but I hope she is getting well by now. but on the other hand I was truly glad to hear of so many of them professing religion and I hope they will continue in their well doing I was also sorry to hear of George looseing so many of his children Martha I would have got to come home this spring but so many of our regiment went home and stayed that it nocked the rest of us out of a furlow there is no chance for me to get to cum home this spring so you need not look for me before next winter and then I am cumming home if I live to see that time role round which I hope I will as I have never thought of being killed in the war. We are still in camp and evry thing seem to bee quiet there is nothing going on that I can hear of no more on hand yet but there is no telling how soon there will bee a move when we get to mooveing I will have no chance to write and I want you to write often and let me hear from as often as you can and I will let you hear from me evry chance
martha I was verry sorry to hear of our cows getting so poor but we can expect any thing else while this war is going on for there is no body at home to rase anything to eat or to fead eather And I expect they will have James in before this war is over tell Jim that if he ever has to cum in to join some cavaldry that never has to do much tell him that I never want to see him out hear in infantry if the war continues I expect they will bring him in next spring but maby pa can keep him out as he as nobody to work for him well martha as I have nothing new to write I will quit your brother W. R. Gilmer
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