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Gilmer Letters Civil War Letters of Russell County
Motainsford Orange County Virginia April the 8th 1864
Dear Pa & Ma
       I once more take my pen in hand to write you a fiew lines to inform you that I am well at presant and I hope these fiew lines will find all well at home. I am now on the bank of the rapidann river picketing the yankees are in sight of us and sometimes in gun shot
one of our men got wounded yesterday morning at the river. evry thing seem to bee quiet along the rapidann this morning I can hear no fighting this morning. We havent left our winter quarters yet we may and I hope we will get to stay in them till the first of may and I think we will have some hard fighting this spring.
Pa I under stand that they are takeing the wheat all but three bushels to amember of the family if they are you all will be obliged to suffer from the appearance of evry thing it looks like they are fixing to evacuate our homes and if they do I can never hear from home nor you from me but I hope they will hold our homes so that we can hear from each other once and a while. The weather is verry nice this morning it looks like planting corn this morning but I am afraid there is but fiew that is ready for planting and I know there is a great many that has but little help and they ant ready I know There is a great many that thinks we will go into pensylvania this summer and if longstreet comes out hear I think we will go too Pa when you write tell me John Brownings post office so that I can write to him when I get a chance.
Pa if the yankees ever cums into our county do any way before leting them carry you off for you couldent stand to bee a prisoner. but the yankees may never get in there I hope they never will for I never want to hear tell of the yankees beeing in our county though they might treat you better and I expect they would treat you all better than some of that cavalry that is in there now
Pa I would like to see you all this spring but there is no chance to get home this spring but I hope we will all live to see another spring and if we do I shal try verry hard to get to see you all before that time roles around.
I get a letter from hayes & Cum evry once and a while they seem to bee in good spirits yet they was at kinston when I heard from them last. tell all of the children howdy
Pa I hope you will excuse bad writing and selling as you know I am a bad speller
Nothing more at presant but remain
your affectionate son
Pa & Ma W. R. Gilmer
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