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Gilmer Letters Civil War Letters of Russell County
Camp near Sharpsburg Md June 19th 1863
Dear sister
      I have the opportunity this eavening of writing you a few lines to inform you that I am in Maryland once more we got hear this morning we are about three miles from the battle field where we fought before. We heard this morning that general rodes had whiped the yankees and took a grate many prisoners of conscrips they say that he took about four thousand but you neede not rely on it for I dont know whether it is so or not. they also said that he drove them back towards fredericks city our cavaldry had a scirmish with the yankees at Sharpsburg yesterday but I dont know what they done. we have a grate many men in Maryland now I dont now what their intention is I dont know where they are a going some of our cavaldry are in pensylvanya We are a fighting some where evry day or tow and I belive we whip the yankees evry time I head that we had whiped the yankees at reicksburg a gain I tolde you in my last letter that we had taken about four thousand at winchester but we took from five to six thousand longstreet has whiped hooker near culpepper since we left their if evry thing we hear bee true we are giving the yankees fits. One thing I know we are giveing them fits where we go our army isent all to gether some are crossing the river one place and some an other our corps crossed at Sheppardstown and the rest are crossing below hear. Doctor Aldrsons son frankln was killed at bunkers hill we dident loose but fiew men in the fight at winchester I havent heard from Hayes & Cum in along time and I havent had but one letter from home since I have been out hear when you write tell me where Hayes & Cummings are Martha I will write a gain before long if I have the chance but I dont now when we will have the chance of writing a gain Martha I have plenty stamps but I will frank this letter for I dont know whether it will go through or not. Tell Pa Ma and all the rest howdy for me & give my respects to all enquiring friends write soon your brother
William R Gilmer
I havent seen Lafayett yet
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