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Gilmer Letters Civil War Letters of Russell County
July the 13 1861
Monterey Highland county va
Dear brother,
       I received your letter a few days before we left laurel hill and was glad to hear that you was all well and that our wheat was good you allso said our corn looked well with the exception of that lot at home but you state in your last letter that it had come out mighly.  I was allso glad to hear that dol had a fine colt you allso stated in your last letter that diner had a fine colt.  We received your last letter and was glad to hear that you was done harvesting with the exception of our oats you said that allis was not well but I hope she is well by this time we are both well and hearty I have had my health as well as could be [...] a day or two before we left laurell hill I weighed one hundred and thirty seven lbs five lbs more than I ever weighed before I need not tell you everything about our rations for edmonston told you all about it maby  I better tell you what the yankees done before we left, they come within two miles of our encampment the night they come I was out on picket guard and some of them came within two hundred yards of me and their was six guns fired in two hundred yards of me they was fireing at other guards and I was expecting to be fired on to but they did not come where I was I was in a dark hollow where I could hardly see a man five steps before me but I stood my ground with my gun cocked untill I found that they was not comeing their I stood that night and next day untill six o clock in the evening I slept that night and the next night  we stade in the ditch expecting the yankees to come but they did not come.  The next day they threw bumb shells in our encampment some of our men dodged and some of them stood and looked to see the ball comeing.  We could see some of them when they come in two hundred yards of us.  Some of them fel in among our tents and some of the bursted and some did not.  Our tents come to laurel hill a day or two before we left and when we left we lost them.  We are a still without tents but uncle vincent give us two oil cloths which keeps us mighly.  We receive all of your letters just write on and direct your letters as bfore and we will get them.  Tell Pa & Martha that we received their letters they sent by uncle Vincent.  There was two regiments come here to day and we are looking for more  The yankees are know stationed at cheat mountain about thirty miles of here.  Wiliam havey come here yesterday he said that the yankees had him prisoner and Swore him not to [...] raise arms againts the [...] troops untill we releast the same number of prisoners  They have releast all of our prisoners.  The nuse came here yesterday that there was a fight at manassa Junction which resulted in killing 1500 of our men and ten thousand of the yankees in all makeing eleven thousand and eight hundred and the news said that three hundred of our cavelry was still cutting them to peaces.  the yankees got a good whipping there our generals were Beaugard Lee and Johnston. Scott was leading the federal troops they said that they fought five miles with the beyonet how true it is I cannot tell.  Tell Pa and Ma and all the rest houdy for me and tell them that we are Both well  Tell george W. Williams I waunt him to write to me sete off.  Tell Martha that I have not time to answer all of her letters as drill time is drawing near I will have to quit so no more at present Write soon.  Your Brother Wm. R. Gilmer
your Brother W. R. Gilmer
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