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Gilmer Letters Civil War Letters of Russell County
Pocahantas County greenbrier River Va Aug th 20 1861
Dear brother
I seet my self to write you a few lines to let you know that I am still alive. I received your kind letter the other day and was glad to here that you were all well. I havent heard from Edmondson for a day or two the preecher came here the other day he said Edmondson was better. I will her from him this eavning or in the morning I will try to write again in a day or two. George R. Cowan went back to stay with Edmondson & dave he will let us hear from them evry day or two from what we can here dave is on the mend. The people have all left there houses and farms through here they have left their grain standing in the fields we cut the oats for our horses there is two or three large fields of oats here they have bin cutting them to day for their horses. We are twenty five miles from monterey where Edmondson & dave is they are in town they could not get a house in the country bob was over there the other day he said the doctor told him he thought he could raise Edmondson if he ever gets well I want him to go home and to never volunteer again for he is not able to stand a souldiers life. I would rather bee in the army without a brother than to have one with me. I would be better sadisfide in the army without a brother than to have one with me. I will tell you the reason to have a brother sick in a tent helpless and to have to get up and leave him and thinking that you will never see him again is a hard case I tell you for I have experienced it. Hayes I want you to send me some paper for we are here in the mountains where their is neither paper nor nothing else. Tell nancy Wilson & Charles that I am out of paper and cant answer their letters but tell them to write to me just as often as they pleas and I wonte grumble. Tell Mary ann that I have not forgotten her tell her to write me I cant write to all tell all of our folks howdy for me and tell them to not be uneasy about me for I will fite my way through the best I can and will think no ways hard of it. We are within ten miles of the yankees and we dont know when we will have a fite. Hayes I want you to write soon and send me some paper and envellopes if you can get them and if you cant get envellopes sende the paper if can get it so I will bring my letter to a close.
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