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Gilmer Letters Civil War Letters of Russell County
Greenbrier river Pocohontas Co Va Sep the 14th 1861
Dear Pa & Ma brothers & sisters
      I seat my self this [...] to write you all a few lines to let you know [...] still alive and well [...] in the mountains for [...] our way around the yankees on cheat [...] but when we got there we found two [...] they had ditches all around the encampment and had them full of men we were [...] one hundred yards of their ditches but we was on the [...] so they did not see us or [...] picket in the road and killed some of them and took some prisoners and they took some of our men but I dont know how many our men killed about eleven of their men [...] to wade the river for two or three miles and I was wet for three days [...] we [...] in the river we was in the bushes which left us wet we got back to our camp yesterday eavning and we have the took four days provision this eavning to start in the morning some think we are going to generel lee but we dont know where we are going our officers dont telle [...] are going they just tell us [...]

[page 2 illegible]

possible for I know they will try to kill as many of us as posible but I think we will whip them. When we get to lee I expect we will have to fight if he has taken [...]ttonsville we will ahve to take Cheat next when we get stationed will write to you again and let you all know where we are As I am [...] have to get cooking I will bring my badly splet and written letter to a close so give respects to all enquiring friends so no more at present but remain your affectionate son
Pa & Ma            W. R. Gilmer
Write soon all of you

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