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Gilmer Letters Civil War Letters of Russell County
Greenbrier River Pocahontas Co Va Sep the 9th/61
Dear sister
I seat myself this morning to inform you that I am well at present and I hope these few lines will find you all in good health. I received your kind letter on the seventh of this month and was glad to hear from you all. I allso received the letter that pa sent to george. George sent both of them to me from your letters it seems like you all are in a great deal of trouble. its true you are and I am two you know yes we all see a great deal of trouble but you all mus bear it the best you can and I will try and bear it. Yes our brother is gon to rest I believe but true it is hard to part with a brother or sister even if we know they have gon to rest. Our brother has pade the debt that we all have to pay and we know not when we will bee called on to pay the same debt. Martha you said maby Hayes would come out here to stay with me but I expect I can do without him better than you all can and I will be just as well satisfide with Hayes at homes as to have him with me [...] I dont think that will bee [...] maby you all would send me some paper by some body but I have some know bee as you [...] is not much account but if you have any chance you may send me some good paper for this is so bad that I cant hardly write on it. Hayes will bee at home before this letters getts to you and hee can tell you more than I can we are expecting a fight in here before long and I expect it will be a big fight two we have heard canon for a day or two in the north but we dont know whether they are fighting or not we have eight cannon at this place but it is so mountainous here that they cant do much with canon. It will bee getting cold in these mountains by the first of next month its tolebler cool know at nights Martha you said for me to get some money from hayes he gave me ten dollers and I give five back to him for I know you all have a [...] way of getting along maby we will draw some money before long if we don't draw and I get out of money I will write for some you all can send me some money but I expect we will draw some more [...]
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