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Gilmer LettersCivil War Letters of Russell County
William Reeves Gilmer to his Sister Martha

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Fort Delaware
September the 19th, 1864
Dear Sister I once more take my seat to write you all a few lines to let you know that I am still alive and well with the acception of a cold but I think I will bee all right in a short time. Martha I want you to write ofteen I am almost crazy to hear from home I want to hear from hayes & Cummings for I know they have been fighting since I have hear from them and I dont know whether they are dead or alive. Cousin James A. Gilmer was killed in the breast works on the morning of the 12th of may the same morning that we was captured I have got his watch I am a going to try to bring it through with me when we are exchanged I recon Charles M. Browning is at home before this time he left hear several days ago an exchange he was very un well. I suppose he got a furlow from Richmond I have had one letter from Uncle John Browning since I have been hear they was all well at that time I am looking for a letter from him in a short time. Martha when you write again write more than you wrote before I have written one letter to you since I got your but I dont know whether you got it or not give my respects to all the children also pa & ma Martha as I have nothing worth writing I will close so nothing more at present.
Your Brother
W.R. Gilmer

Miss Gilmer,
I have been a prisoner & have been exchanged - was captured, I find from this letter, the same day your Bro. was. At Richmond I picked up this letter doubtless lost by an exchanged prisoner to whom your Bro. had given it to carry to you. I opened it to see if it was of any importance I find it is from a dear Bro. so I will put a stamp on it and mail it to you would be glad to know if you will receive it.
A.S. Brubeck, Middlebrook, Augusta Co. Virginia

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