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Pensions Pension Applications of Russell County
Russell County Civil War Pension Applications 1900
This is a list of approved pension applications from Russell County. Widow's pensions appear at the end.
Last Name First Name Residence Co. Regiment Age Reason Year
Alexander R.P. Lebanon G 29th Va Inf 64 wounded in right thigh 1900
Ashby J.B. Lebanon A 23rd Va Battn 74 shot in thigh 1900
Atkins William A. Rockdell B 34th Va Battn 69 general prostration 1900
Barrett Thomas G. Gardner F 27th Va Regt 62 old age, rheumatism, kidney trouble 1900
Bartee James Castle's Woods H 34th Va Cav 64 old age 1900
Baugh J.J. Lebanon G 29th Va Inf 75 old age 1900
Belcher G.W.H. Rosedale G 29th Va Inf 69 age, bronchitis 1900
Bennett D.W. Elk Garden E 45th Regt 58 old age 1900
Bostic William F. Sword's Creek H 29th Va Inf 62 exposure, rheumatism 1900
Breedlove William Sword's Creek C 37th Regt 56 typhoid, gunshot wound 1900
Bridgeman William Hansonville D 63rd Regt 77 old age 1900
Buckles James A. Hansonville K 48th Va Vols 58 gunshot wound 1900
Cacy N.B. Sword's Creek K 22nd Regt 61 old age 1900
Calvert H.A. Belfast Mills H 45th Va Inf 64 old age 1900
Clark James Honaker H 16th Regt 64 old age 1900
Cross Robert Bolton C 48th Regt 60 wound 1900
Cruey C.J. Belfast Mills E 30th Battn Inf 63 old age 1900
Davis Calhoun Dickensonville
34th Va Battn 77 old age 1900
Farmer Granville
I 29th Va Inf 58 rheumatism, partial blindness 1900
Ferguson Jackson
K 22nd Va Cav 55 gunshot wound 1900
Fields A.F. Lebanon

67 wound 1900
Fields Cummings Lebanon G 29th Va Inf 55 wounded in leg 1900
Fields M.C. Lebanon G 29th Va Inf 61 old age, liver disease 1900
Fields Randolph Hansonville A 16th Cav 70 old age, rheumatism 1900
Fletcher Abel Honaker
37th Regt 62 "white swelling" 1900
Fletcher Abram Lebanon G 37th Regt 60 wounded 1900
Fogleman C.W. Sr. Hansonville G 29th Va Inf 73 old age, broken arm 1900
Francisco B.F. Bolton D 37th Regt 60 liver disease 1900
Grubb Joseph Hansonville I 51st Regt 59 partial blindness and deafness 1900
Hess Henry L.

63 Age, exposure 1900
Holt Isaac Tumbaye? B 37th Regt 63 loss of leg 1900
Howington Joseph Hansonville E 37th Regt 71 age, blind in one eye 1900
Johnson Charles William Lebanon I 37th Regt 61 paralyzed hand 1900
Johnson Henry Dickensonville H 34th Cav 65 age 1900
Kendrick Thomas A. Raven I 22nd Cav 53 partial blindness 1900
Lee Mathias Honaker I 37th Regt 94 old age, shot in leg 1900
Lemons L.H. Belfast Mills
22nd Inf 60 wound in left arm 1900
Litton J.J. Cleveland G 13th Battn 54 nervous prostration 1900
Marshal Mathias Belfast Mills D 56th N.C. Regt 59 exposure 1900
McCloud John Honaker A 16th Cav 67 exposure 1900
Mutter Henry Belfast Mills B 16th Cav 63
Parks Arad Barnett
under John McFarland 63 general health 1900
Puckett John D. Cleveland E 21st Regt 57 heart trouble 1900
Robbins Hiram S. Rosedale I 37th Regt 63 brain fever 1900
Roberson Thomas
A 16th Cav 61 age 1900
Scott Riley Clyde C 37th Regt 63 wounded 1900
Scott Wiliam M.

65 age, exposure 1905 application
Seacatt G.W. Lebanon C 37th Regt 53 knee injury from marching 1900
Sheppard James H. Honaker B 16th Cav 58 "gravell" 1900
Smith James M. Raven E 48th Regt 82 head wound 1900
Smith Thomas L. Rockdell D 1st Va Cav 62 gunshot in leg 1900
Statzer Charles M. Bolton C 48th Inf 57 infirmity and rheumatism 1900
Steele Richard

78 age 1903 application
Stephenson Wilk

61 wound in hip 1902 application
Sullivan J.H. Lebanon I 37th Regt 61 ankle wound 1900
Terry James M. Nunley A 16th Cav 65 old age 1900
Vicars D.C.

loss of sight and age 1905 application
Walden L.J.W. Rockdell C 37th Regt 57 general infimity 1900
Wall L.A. Barnett
Stuart Horse Arty from 61 to 63 then a detachment of the 3rd Regt Engineers 62
Warner Thomas Lebanon C 2nd Tennessee 56 old age 1900
Williams A.M. Castle's Woods H 34th Cav 64 old age 1900
Wilson G.R. Elk Garden C 29th Regt 68 spinal trouble 1900
Wolf James S. Bolton E 50th Regt 70 age and loss of sight 1900
Wolf Zeno Bolton G 28th Regt 55 rheumatism 1900
Woodard J.A. Rockdell B 48th Regt 60 general prostration 1900
Wysor John G. Sword's Creek B 34th Va 70 sore leg 1900

Widow's Applications

Last Name First Name Age Residence Husband How husband died Co. Regt where and when married
Bales Elizabeth A. 74 Honaker Enoch G. Bales died 1/1/90 at Honaker of consumption G 36th Va married in Bristol, Tenn in 1851.
Cumbow Letta
Gibsonville J.W. Cumbow died of comsumption A 16th Cav married 5/2/61
Fraley Mary Brewster Martin Fraley died in 1863, at Gettysburg H 50th Inf married in Scott in 1849.
Garrett Pauline 70 Hansonville John F. Garrett died in 1895 G 29th Inf married in Russell in 1857.
Harris Margarette E.
Cleveland Thomas G. Harris died iof heart disease E 37th Regt Vols married in April 1861.
Holmes Sarah C.
Brewster H.G.W. Holmes

48th Regt Vols married at Abingdon in 1857.
Harman Rebecca
Nunley Henry Harman died about 1871, 3 miles south of Lebanon, probably of consumption A 16th Regt married in 1839 in Russell
Jackson Leah J. 55
Henry Jackson died at Point Lookout of diarrhea B 16th Regt married at Elk Garden
Marshall Susan L. 85 Belfast Mills Richard Marshall died 7/15/98 wound in right leg I 52nd NC Regt married 1840 in Stokes County, NC, in Va since 1865
Wyatt Margaret
Lebanon John Wyatt died 4/27/95 G 16th Cav married in Blountville, Tennessee
Whetsell Amanda P.
Dickensonville Martin L. Whetsell died about September 1885 in Tazewell of paralysis
50th Regt married 7/11/44 in Smyth county, Va.

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