Civil War Home Page - Detailed information on over 1,200 Civil War soldiers, both Union and Confederate, who were enumerated on the 1860 Census in Russell County, Virginia. Over 150 original, never before published, Civil War letters. Dozens of photographs of Russell County Civil War veterans. Obituaries for over 150 soldiers. Detailed transcriptions for over 10,000 Compiled Service Record cards.

Russell County

1850 Census

1860 Census

1860 Slave Schedules to the 1860 Census; only the owners are named.

1870 Census, Castlewood Township
1870 Census, Copper Creek Township
1870 Census, Elk Garden Township, Lebanon Post Office
1870 Census, Elk Garden Township, New Garden Post Office
1870 Census, Lebanon Township
1870 Census, Moccasin Township
1870 Census, New Garden Township

1880 Census, Castlewood Township
1880 Census, Copper Creek Township
1880 Census, Elk Garden Township
1880 Census, Lebanon Township and Lebanon Town
1880 Census, Moccasin Township
1880 Census, New Garden Township, District 67
1880 Census, New Garden Township District 68

Wise County

1860 Census

Buchanan County

1860 Census

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