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Unknown Russell County, VA Paper
Obituary of Thomas C. M. Alderson

March 22, 1876
WEDNESDAY MORNING, March 22, 1876.

As we sit down to write the sad intelligence is spreading from house to house 'Col. Alderson is dead!' and although the deceased had been lingering for some time, the announcement of his death will produce a shock all over this county, where he was so well and favorably known.

Col. T. C. M. Alderson, the son of Col. George Alderson, was born in the county of Greenbrier, now West Va., on the 17th day of Nov. 1817, and hence at the time of his death was 58 years 4 months, and 5 days old. He first came to this county, at the age of fourteen, and commenced business in Lebanon, as salesman for Thos. McClary, remaining with him we understand about two years; when he returned to Greenbrier, and attended school for a year or two, and then came back to Russell, at the age of eighteen and reentered the store of Mr. McClary. Within a short time after this he and Dr. E.D. Kernan purchased the stock of goods of Mr. McC., and commenced business under the style of Alderson & Kernan, which was continued for about twenty yeaars. This association so long and pleasantly continued, was dissolved a few years ago, since which time Col. Alderson has been conducted the business at the old stand.

Col. A. was married on the 26th day of Sept., 1844, to Miss Nancy Dickenson of this county, and resided in Lebanon, from that time until his death; which occurred this (Wednesday) morning at 7:45.

Col. Alderson made a profession of religion many years ago, and united himself with the Lebanon Baptist Church; occupying all the time a prominent position, and during ...[missing]... not only of the baptist, but other churches. His liberal dispostion was always confidently relied upon for donations to all church and charitable objects, and his energy and readiness in devising plans and leading in their successful accomplishment for the benefit of the church, as well as other public enterprises of a commendable nature, was always conspicuous. No man perhaps was so extensively known to the men, women and children of Russell, as Col. Alderson; and none we are assured was more generally esteemed and loved.

The life of Col. Alderson with all who knew him, will be a sufficient voucher for the character of his death and his future state. But in addition to his pious life we have the blessed assurance of many death-bed declarations of confidence and continued trust in the redeemer. Hope! sweet hope! blessed hope! glorious hope! was one of his expression of christian triumph but a few days previous to his departure.

It was not our purpose however to attempt a regular obituary of the deceased, as that will doubtless be furnished soon by one more intimately acquainted with his history; but simply to give a brief sketch while the death of our dear friend was fresh in our memory. Than Col. Alderson there never lived, we feel safe in asserting, a more devoted husband, affectionate father, accommodating neighbor and useful citizen of his county. He leaves a disconsolate widow, four sons, a son-in-law, two daughers and three daughters-in-law to mourn his departure. The family have we are assured the profound sympathy of the entire community.

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