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Lebanon News
Obituary of Elijah L. Artrip

March 15, 1935

Dies Seventy Years After Surrender

Eighty-nine years old, and seventy years after Lee's surrender at Appomatox, Elijah Artrip, a soldier of those memorable days, passed on at his home near Coulwood, Russell county last week.

Less than ten survivors of the battle that tried men's souls, remain in Russell to tell about it. May the work that these men did well, and which we love to praise, linger fresh and green in our memories to the last gasp of life.

God bless the remaining few grizzled old men, once straight and handsome and full of youth, now bent with the age of passing years, and may they be ready when the end comes, as it must come soon, to enter the Father's house on high.

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