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Gate City Herald, Gate City, VA
Obituary of James Wesley Bausell

August 30, 1934


In keeping with the position he occupied in Russell county, funeral services were conducted at Lebanon last Saturday for Captain James W. Bausell, 89, publisher, and pioneer of Russell county.

The list of Capt. Bausell's public services was long and varied. He served as Sheriff and Deputy Sheriff more than 50 years ago. He was mayor of Lebanon 16 consecutive years and served other scattered terms in the same capacity.

Primarily though, Mr. Bausell was a veteran newspaper publisher, serving as editor for a number of years in different Southwest Virginia towns. He took charge of the Lebanon News in 1889 and published it for 18 years. He was succeeded on that sheet by his son, Henry F. Bausell. The paper is now edited by his grandson, Elwood B. Bausell.

Capt. Bausell at the age of 17 joined the 31st Va. Cavalry under Major-General John A. McCauslin, at Mt. Pleasant, W. Va., as a part of the J. E. B. Stuart cavalry. During the course of the war, he was captured by Union soldiers, served a prison term at Camp Chase for nine months before an exchange at the time of Lee's surrender.

He is survived by his widow and the following sons and daughters:
William T. Bausell, Lebanon; Marshall W. Bausell, Mission Texas, Henry F. Bausell, Bristol; Mrs. Hannah Teets, Lebanon; Mrs. Margaret Reece, Las Vegas, New Mexico, and James Taylor Bausell, Lebanon; also a number of grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Had he lived another week, Mr. Bausell would have celebrated his 69 wedding anniversary. His 68th anniversary last year attracted attention in practially all Virginia dailies and weeklies and many metropolitan papers in northern states.

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