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Lebanon News
Obituary of Francis M. Branson

January 8, 1904

Elsewhere in this issue we publish an obituary of F. M. Branson, who gave up his life on the battle field for his country. Mr. Branson was a member of the late H. H. Dickenson's company of confederate veterans, and was killed in the last years' struggle. The notice was clipped from a newspaper at the time of his death and sent to the widow of the deceased by Capt. Dickenson.

Wounded at Drewry's Bluff, May 16, and died at the home of Mr. Minnis on Main street, between 2d and 3d at 10 o'clock P. M., May 17, Mr. F. M. BRANSON, of Russell county, Va., private in Capt. Dickenson's company, 29th Virginia regiment. He was most kindly attended in his last moments by the household, and by other stranger friends, who were attracted to his bedside by his sufferings in a cause so dear to us. He was a "farmer boy," plain in his manners, and most modest in his desires; but there dwelt in his manly, stalwart form as stout a heart as ever died for liberty; yet withal a heart so tender, so affectionate! In his delerium even, the bloody scenes of strife which loomed up before him could not crowd out from his heart those softer scenes which reminded him of home and his aged mother. Parched with thirst and fever, he said, amidst his dying wishes, "Just give me one drink from mother's spring." There was no kinsman here to mourn his loss or drop a tear upon his grave; but there were those present who, though they had seen war in its harshest forms, yet could not stop the rising tear as they laid the fallen patriot to rest in his narrow home. May he and those that loved him meet again around the "blood-bought mercy seat."


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