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Lebanon News
Obituary of Jessee Browning

July 9, 1926

Jessee Browning, Centurian Dead

Jessee Browning, known to scores and born in Russell county on March 10, 1826, died at his home at Meadow View, shortly after noon Tuesday. At the time of his death the deceased was 100 years, four months and three days old, having celebrated his one hundredth birthday the past March. He is survived by one son, Col. J. S. Browning, of Pocahontas.

Mr. Browning served in the Confederate army during the Civil War and since that time had engaged in farming near Meadow View. Until recently he was able to make his way about the country with a horse and buggy and wa a familiar figure in that section.

Last Sunday evening while walking about his home he fell and sustained a bad cut on the head, which together whith the infirmities of old age, caused his death.

September 17, 1926

Browning Fought In South's Army

Richmond, Sept. 5. - A Confederate pension check was returned to the office of the auditor of public accounts of Virginia today with a notice stating that the payee, Jessee Browning, of Washington county, is dead. Mr. Browning was one of the oldest men on the state's pension roll and at the time of his death, on July 13 of this year, had attained the age of one hundred years, four months and three days.

Unlike most Confederate veterans of today, he was no mere youth when he fought in the army of the South, but was 39 years of age when Lee surrendered at Appomattox.

J. H. Johnson, chief pension clerk in the auditor's office, said today that his records showed that Mr. Browning enlisted at Saltville in September, 1864, becoming a member of King's company, Virginia light artillery, also known as Saltville artillery.

Mr. Browning did not apply for a pension until he was 99 years of age. He resided at Meadow View at the time of his death.

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