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Richmond Times, Richmond, VA
Death Notice of James Jackson Dickenson

October 22, 1901

Two men were killed by railway trains near Petersburg yesterday. Captain J. J. Dickinson, a stock raiser, of Castlewood, Russell county, Va., was killed by the cannon-ball train on the Atlantic Coast Line yesterday morning, a short distance this side of Port Walthall. Dickinson was in Petersburg Saturday with a car-load of horses for Richmond and when the car was transferred from the Norfolk and Western to the Atlantic Coast Line track, it was delayed at Dunlop Station. Captain Dickinson became separated from his car in this city, and yesterday when told that it was at Dunlop he at once went out to that station to look after his horses. Arriving there he found that the car had been sent on to Richmond, and he was heard to say that he would trace them if he had to walk to Richmond, and he was seen to start to walk in that direction.


Captain Dickinson walked on a few miles, when he sat down to rest and must have fallen asleep.
The engineer of the cannon-ball train from Richmond saw an object on the side of the track just this side of Port Walthall as he rounded the curve, and the side of his pilot struck it. It proved to be Captain Dickinson, and he was placed on the train and brought to the hospital in this city, where he lived only a few hours.
Captain Dickinson was struck on the right shoulder, and it was crushed in. He died from the shock.

Captain Dickinson was one of the best known stock breeders of Southwest Virginia, and had been selling in this market for years. He was about sixty years of age and married. His body was sent home last night.

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