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Charlestown Daily Mail, Charlestown, WV
Death Notice of Mitchell T. Fields

Michael Fields Was Grandfather of Fifty-seven - Father of Eighteen.
Mitchell Fields, died yesterday on Kanawha street at the home of a daughter, Mrs Thomas Jarrett. He was born in Russell county, Ky., in 1813, according to the statement of one his relatives; while another claims that he was born two years prior to that time.

Mr. Fields was considered an old man when he enlisted for service in the Confederacy for which he fought throughout the Civil war. He had been married twice and 13 children survive, while there are 57 grandchildren and 58 great grandchildren.

A farmer all his life, Mr. Fields was active until a few years ago. He had been practically helpless for a year, but no particular change in his condition was noted unttil the day before his death. For years he prided himself on being the grandfather of more persons than anyone else in the world, and so far as is known by any of his friends, his claim was never disputed.

But one of his children is dead. She was Eliza, who married Lonnie Fields of Jackson county. Some of the sons and daughters have passed the age of 70 years, they being the products of his first union. His first wife was a Kentuckian, Martha Redwine, of Russell county. His second wife was Emily Walls of Kanawha county.

Mr Fields lived for over sixty years in or near Poca district and always on the waters of Little Poca river in Jackson and Kanawha counties. His declining years began on his farm on Coon Creek, and his body was taken there today for interment in the Ross Smith cemetery, where the old citizen attended every burial that was made from the time the plat was set apart for its present purposes until he became too feeble to do so.

Mrs. Janie Jarrett, of Kanawha Street is a daughter, of the decedent. Among the other children are; George, of Magazine; Albert, of Elk Two-Mile; Mrs. Leslie Taylor, of Greenbrier county; Mrs. Mary Townsend of Columbus, Ohio; and Mrs. Mollie Hubert of Chelyan.

The funeral this afternoon at the old home place was the most largely attended in the history of the community. From every part of the county relatives and friends assembled, as well as did many from different points in Jackson County. Everyone in that part of the country knew the old man; and many had called him "grandpa" since their childhood. In his earlier years, he was progressive and was considered a highly successful farmer.

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