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Lebanon News
Obituary of W.H. Fuller

[NOTE: a substantially similar obituary appears in the 9/21/1928 issue of the Clinch Valley News.]
September 14, 1928

Injuries To W.H. Fuller Prove Fatal

W.H. Fuller, injured a few days ago when struck by a truck at his home near Barnett, died Tuesday morning, September 11, 1928.
The deceased was 88 years old and the aged wife to whom he had been married 62 years, survive.
He was a splendid man and citizen and gave his best as a soldier in the Confederate army.
Single handed on one occasion during the bloody days, he surprised and captured 16 Yankees, disarmed them and marched them into the Confederate lines.
He was also a soldier of the Cross and was ready for the last bugle call.
Funeral and burial today (Wednesday.)

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