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Confederate Veteran
Death notice of Jacob C. Gent



At a meeting of McElhaney Camp, Lebanon, Va., suitable resolutions of honor were passed on the death of Capt. J.C. Gent, who died Christmas Day, 1909. He was born in Russell County, Va., in 1837, and was teaching school at the beginning of the war. He enlisted, and was made captain of Company B, 16th Regiment Virginia Cavalry. After the war he returned home, and was chosen clerk for his county court. He began the practice of law in 1882, and in 1899 he was elected to the Legislature. He served till 1901, during which period he made and enviable record for integrity of character. The Camp of which he was Commander, through a committee of S.H. Wyatt, M.S. Hurt, and George W.J. Gray, paid earnest tribute, in which it is stated: "The Camp has sustained a loss well-nigh irreparable. An intelligent, energetic, and devoted member of our Camp, diligent in business, firm and unanswerable in right conduct, of spotless integrity, genial and pleasant in his life, he leaves no memory but that of purity and tenderness."

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