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Lebanon News
Obituary of Charles W. Johnson

April 5, 1912


Just as the News goes to press; this Wednesday evening, news reached us that Dr. Johnson, of Rockdell, was found dead in his bed at an early hour this morning. He was the father of G. B. Johnson of Honaker and was a useful citizen in that community.

May 3, 1912


 Dr. Charles W. Johnson, was born October 20th 1840, and died April 2nd 1912, having lived nearly one year and half over man's allotted three score years and ten.  February 20th 1868 he was happily married to Ann Elizabath Thompson of Washington County, Virginia.  Six sons blessed his home, all of whom, with the mother survive.  He was a veteran of the Southern Confederacy, having fought three and a half years, in the civil war.  A soldier of the cross, also he was, having been a member of the Southern Methodist church for over forty years.
 He was a descendant of Fannie,-Dickenson-Scott Johnson, the story of whose survival of an Indian massacre on Walden's Creek, Scott County, Virginia and recorded in the local histories, so beautifully illustrates the spirit of the winning of America.
 He studied for his profession at the University of Va.
 The Doctor loved the things that were high, read the best magazines, cherished the historic, kept posted in current events, and in a very remarkable way endeavored to uplift the aspirations of his sons to what was highest in life.
 Death had never knocked at his door till suddenly claiming him.
 Euripedes said: "It is a good thing to be rich, and a good thing to be strong; but a better thing to be beloved of many friends."  Such fortune was his, as was easy to be seen in the tearful faces of the multitude that tenderly laid his body to rest, amid the picturesque hills of Hayter's Gap in Russell County, Virgiina, where he had been born, reared and lived, and dispensed the blessings of his profession.

D.S. Hearon, Pastor.

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