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Lebanon News
Obituary of A.T. Kegley

June 30, 1933


A.T. Kegley, 87 year old Confederate soldier, in many hard fought battles in the war of the sixties, died Wednesday, June 20, 1933 at his home two miles west of Hansonville.

Like the brave soldier he was through an awful war-a war fought with many difficulties, often feet sore and hungry, he met his last enemy-death-just as brave and calmn as if he was facing an opposing army.

Comrades, three less than a dozen in Russell now, always spoke of Mr. Kegley as a soldier loyal to the Confederacy and brave in battle.

Only 1 of the 10 remaining Confederate soldiers, J.W. Bausell, attended the funeral.

He was laid to rest in the Church Hill Cemetery at Hansonville. Rev. E.N. Woodward, of the Methodist church officiating.

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