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Quincy Journal, Quincy, ILL
April 29, 1899

Death notice of Francis Lark


Browning, Mo., April 29.---The worst storm ever known in this section of the country passed a few miles east of town Thursday evening about 6 o'clock, going in a northeasterly direction. The wind first struck the ground about five miles southeast of town, completely demolishing the farmhouse of Frank Carter, together with all the outbuildings and fences on the farm. The storm next struck the fine farmhouse of Arthur Rinehart, dashing it into splinters and injuring Mr. Rinehart considerably. Passing on to the northeast, it completely demolished everything in its path. The Mount Zion church was totally wrecked.

Francis Lark and wife are thought to be fatally injured. A child of John Sargent is also said to be fatally hurt. The fine saddle stallion, Mark Denmark, was carried 255 yards and killed. The farm houses of C. Wampler, John Harris and others are wrecked. Many stock are killed, large trees uprooted, and wire fences swept away.

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