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Lebanon News
Obituary of James Fullen Litton

June 27, 1881

James Fullen Litton, age 63 died this morning at his farm in the corner settlement, from an old war wound from the late conflict.
When his father passed away in 1853 the John Whitley Litton Plantation was divided between the heirs and sold.
James F. Litton first married Loucinda Redwine, daughter of Josiah Redwine of Elk Garden. Loucinda passed away in 1842. James then married a first cousin from Kentucky, Margaret Eunice Litton, daughter of Soloman Litton Jr. and Judith Anna Shoemaker of the corner settlement.
In 1853 he moved to land in the corner inherited by his wife from Soloman Litton Sr., an original settler and long hunter in this country. They made a large cattle farm on this land, known as Soloman Litton Hollow.
Mr. Litton was educated in Roanoke and became a farm manager at an early age. His father, John W. Litton Sr., was the eldest child of Captain Soloman Litton Sr. of the Local Militia 1770-1790, an original settler in this Country.
At age four, John W. was captured at Ruddles Station in Kentucky County Virginia, along with two of his brothers and parents (Captain Litton was serving there) by Shawnee Indians and held in the camps near Fort Detroit for three years.
After their release by treaty (1784), Captain Litton claimed bounty land in southern Kentucky (now a state) and raised his family at that place, now called Knox County.
John Litton returned to Russell County in 1800, to purchase the Litton Hill Plantation (which had its own post office) in Elk Garden. James F. Litton grew up at Litton Hill and became an overseer of slaves and farm manager.
Mr. Litton was preceded in death by first wife, Loucinda Redwine, Father John Litton Sr., Mother Sarah Fullen Litton, Two brothers, Soloman Litton 2nd, Caney Franklin Litton, One sister, Sarah Snider. Mr. Litton is survived by 2nd wife, Margaret (Peggy) Litton, Four sons and three daughters. John Jackson Litton, Cleveland, Va., Zachary Taylor Litton Sr., Lebanon, Va., Soloman Scott Litton, of the home. Eunice Litton (Mrs. James H. Gilbert) of the corner, Josephine Catherine Litton (Mrs. Charles H. Monk, Sr. known as Josie Monk) Rebecca Jane Litton (Mrs. Lafayette M. Monk, Sr. known as Beccy Monk) ten grandchildren.
A wake will be conducted by Father Seane Jones, at the home. Interment will by in Litton Cemetery at Litton Hill-Elk Garden. Fr. Jones will conduct last rites at graveside. All relatives and friends are urged to attend and hear Mr. Littons letter of life, read as eulogy.

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