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Bristol News, Bristol, VA & TN
Obituary of John Henry Anderson Smith




     Maj. J. H. A. Smith, son and only surviving child of Dr. John and Mary D. Smith, of Russell Co. Va., was born July 28th 1847, died July 6th, 1879. He was the tenth of twelve children all of whom had passed away before him. He entered the Confederate army and was elected Captain in 1864, soon after was promoted to the rank of Major, in which position he served until the surrender. About the close of the war he made a profession of religon and joined the M. E. Church south; he entered Emory and Henry College in the fall of '65 where he remained 10 months. In 1868 he was elected to represent Russell Co. Va. in the House of Delegates. In 1870 he was elected to the Senate. He was married Oct. 22, 1872, to Miss Florence Gertrude Hutchenson, of Richmond Va. whom he leaves in charge of four interesting children. He was a man of fine intellect, good impulses, popular manners, and unswerving integrity. Though in bad health for some time past, his death was unexpected. His last moments were spent in conversation with his wife. He expressed his gratitude for her unwavering attention and tender devotion during his long illness. He said there was no one for whom he entertained other than the kindest feelings and desired to be forgiven by any to whom he might have given pain or trouble. He went to bed where his children were sleeping, looked sadly and thoughtfully in each face; "my darlings, said he, some day you will know how much I love you." He again took his place on the bed and resumed conversation with his wife, talked very rapidly for a few moments suddenly he ceased and began to quiver like a reed in the water, then followed a low moan, a few short breaths and all was over - Maj. Smith was dead. - On Tuesday the 8th inst., with tears and sadness, kind and devoted friends laid him in the grave there to await the sounding of the last trump.
"Then let the last loud trumpet sound
And bid our kindred rise;
Awake ye nations underground,
Ye saints, ascent the skies."
Nashville Christian "Advocate," Holston "Methodist" and Richmond "Dispatch" please copy.

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