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Lebanon News
Obituary of Francis Marion Steele

Lebanon News
Obituary of Francis Marion Steele

February 13, 1925

Man 105 Years of Age Is Dead

Frances Steele, 105 years of age and perhaps the oldest man in Southwest Virginia, died south of Lebanon Tuesday. He had been ill for some time but was able to be in town election day.

Mr. Steele was a Confederate soldier and followed the immortal Stonewall Jackson, distinguishing himself as a brave soldier.

His longevity is attributed to sane habits and an active life.

February 20, 1925

In Memorium

Francis Marian Steele was born in the fall of 1820, died near Lebanon February 17, 1925. Had Mr. Steele lived until next fall, he would have been 105 years old.

He was married three times. His first wife being Miss Nancy Jane Steele. To this union were born four children, Barbra Alice, who died in infancy, Mrs. Brewster of Richlands; Mrs. B. C. Wilson, Marion, Va.,; and W. H. Steele, of Richlands.

His second wife was Miss Margaret Griffin. To this union was born one child, Geo. W. Steele, of Jearoldstown, Tenn.

His third wife was Miss Nancy Jane Sykes. To this union were born seven children, A. C. Steele, Trenton, Mo.; Mrs. I. B. Campbell, L. A. Steel, C. R. Steele, Mrs. C. P. Williams, Mrs. J. E. Fields, of Lebanon, Va.

Mr. Steele was one of those brave sons of Dixie, who followed Robert E. Lee in that terrible war between the States. In this war Mr. Steele served in the 29th Virginia regiment, Company H.

Mr. Steele was converted soon after the war and joined the Methodist Episcopal church, South. He lived a faithful christian life to the end. He often told his son, with whom he lived, that he was ready to go.

Funeral services were conducted at his home by his pastor, after which we laid his body away in a nearby cemetery to await the coming of that "Great Day of the Lord."

Mr. Steele left behind 11 children, 32 grand children and 31 great grand-children.


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