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Mountain Echo, Barboursville, KY
Obituary of George Washington Vicars

ca. 5/8/1888


For several years Thomas Bales and George Vickars, living near Annville, Jackson county, have been partners in the moonshine business, but recently they have disagreed about the division of the spoils on something else as trivial, and in fact have engaged face to face in some very bitter personalities in which Vickars abused Bales very badly, being heavily harmed and Bales having no arms. They both attended the opining of the Jackson circuit court at McKee last Monday and about 6 o'clock in the evening Vickars started home, being considerably under the influence of whiskey, when a peace officer called to him and arrested him for some cause which we have not been able to learn and started with him back to the court house, when Bales seized a stone, ran up behind him and exclaimed: "Let me to him; d--m him, I'll settle him," or words to that effect and as he uttered these terrible words he threw the stone hitting Vickars in the back of the head crushing his skull, inflicting a wound of which he died at 11 o'clock Monday night. Bales was arrested and lodged in jail, but have not been able to learn the results of the investigation by the grand jury which was in session at the time. These are about all the circumstances as we have been able to learn them.


Tom Bales, who killed George Vikars at McKee on the first day of the Jackson Circuit Court, an account of which we gave last week, was indicted for murder and made no application for bail.

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