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Combs Letters Civil War Letters of Russell County
Celina Wesley Combs to Her Husband

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Buchan County Va, January 1st 1862 

Dear Husband, I once more address you to inform you that I received a letter from you bearing date 22nd of Dec. which gave me much satisfaction to hear that you was still in the land of the living. I say to you that we are all well hoping this communication may find you in perfect health. 

As to your property, it looks better than common at this time of the year. I sold the calves to John B. Compton for $16.00 for notes due, one on Isaac Hurt for $10.00 and six dollars on J.B. Compton & Jeremiah Compton security. I have got the corn all secured. I did not get any rye sowed. The weather was so wet I could not get the rye threshed in time to sow it. I am now having the rye threshed out. I inform you that I have received twelve letters from you, and have written 7 or 8 to you. 

When you write again direct your letters to Lebanon. The reason I have not written to you oftener than what I have done, I have so much to attend to and the friends do not come to see me to write me letters to you, and particularly your people. They have not been to see me but once since you left home and they will get letters and I will [not] receive them for a week or more after they get them and I have not had the satisfaction of opening but four letters that I have received of you. 

I have not collected no money. I lent Cullen Combs $20.00. The money you sent is at Isaac Hartes. I say to you I had to pay out about five dollars to get the corn gathered. 

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Daniel Puckett did not help me to gather the corn as he promised you he would do. Corn in this cuntry is selling fom 75 cts to one dollar per bushel. Bacon and grain next summer will be very scarce and some people will undoubfully will suffer as many of the citzens have no corn at this time. I would be very glad if you could inform me when you will be at home or when you expect to get your discharge for time seems long to me to be absent from you. But I still live in hope of seeing you arrive at home crowned with laurels of victory And to remain at home with me and your children until death shall seperate us--If I never should be blessed with the opportunity of seeing [you] again in this world, I hope to meet you where we will have Heaven for our mansion, angels for our companions and parting of friends will be no more. I wish to know whether you received your cloths or not. 

I subscribe myself you wife until death. 

Celina W. Combes. 

 William Fletcher, [Grover? King?] and wife, Mitchell Crabtree and [?] have joined the Missionary Church and again many others. We have had some very good meetings.
William C. Combes The children have not forgotten you they talk about you every day and would be glad to see you once more. 

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Abraham Bowen wants to rent the field you wanted sowed to rye. He says he will give half that is raized on the field. I want you to write to me and let me know whether I must let him have it or not. CWC 

Samuel Johnson's wife sends her best compliments to you, and wishes your safe return. They are all well at this time and hoping this letter may find you well. 

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