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Thomas McCleary Vermillion

Born 03/14/1847
Birth Location Russell Co.
Died 11/07/1932
Death Location Jackson Co., MO
Father Isaac Vermillion
Mother Martha Boyd
Married 8/1866
Spouse Mary Alice Aston
Military Units
16th Cavalry
CSR, Pension, and Miscellaneous Images
16th Cavalry
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Page 2.jpg
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Census Information:

1850: 1786, Age 3
1860: 31L, Age 13
1870: Not found
1880: Jackson Co., MO, Sniabar 146, Age 33
1900: Jackson Co., MO, Sniabar 53, Age 53
1910: Jackson Co., MO, Oak Grove 86, Age 63, Veteran: Yes
1920: Jackson Co., MO, Sniabar 96, Age 72
1930: Jackson Co., MO, Oak Grove 26, Age 83, Veteran: Yes

Miscellaneous Information:

Letter mention: Isaac V. Reynolds

Newspaper mentions:
Jefferson City Post Tribune, 11/8/1932
Iola (KS) Register, 11/5/1930

Notes: Father owned 6 slaves. Biography in "History of Jackson County, Missouri", By W. Z. Hickman. Article at

Obituary online

Military Information:

Compiled Service Record
Card 1
Private, Company A, 16th Virginia Cavalry

Appears on a muster roll for Oct. 31, 1863 to Oct. 31, 1864 (Dated Nov. 30, 1864)

When: Mch. 20, 1864
Where: Lebanon
By whom: Chas. Stevenson
Period: 3 yrs

Last paid:
By whom: Due from enlistment
To what time:

Present or absent: Present

Card 2

Appears on a muster roll for Nov. & Dec., 1864 (Dated Dec. 31, 1864)

When: Jan. 4, 1864
Where: Lebanon, Va
By whom: Capt. C. E. Stevenson
Period: 3 yrs

Last paid:
By whom: Maj. Jenkins
To what time: Aug. 31, 1864

Present or absent: Present
Remarks: Mistake made on last rolls in date of enlistment in paying of 2 months & sixteen days from Jan. 4th, '64 to Mch. 20, '64 2 1/2 months pay due on last rolls.

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